Dr Keith Grimes illustrates the potential for Virtual Reality technology in health care

Dr Keith Grimes is a GP, and he is a health technology geek. Virtual Reality, or VR, is one of his particular technological passions. In this podcast, Dr Grimes describes how he has used Virtual Reality in his practice as a GP to assist patients undergoing painful procedures. He also discusses the work of other researchers investigating prospective applications for VR in health, and the work he and Mr Bhudia, a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, are collaborating on to investigate the potential for using Virtual Reality technology to combat post-operative delirium. Throughout the podcast, Dr Grimes highlights the importance and excitement of innovation, but he just as thoroughly emphasises the need to attend to patient safety and to buttress innovation with hard evidence. He also imparts some hard won wisdom on innovating within the NHS.

Dr Grimes is happy to chat about the uses of technology in health and can be found on twitter @keithgrimes. He also has an excellent website with further articles and media on the interactions between technology and health: www.drgrimes.co.uk

If you are particularly interested in the use of Virtual Reality in health, then VR Docs is a good place to connect with likeminded souls. You can do so here: www.facebook.com/groups/vrdocs

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