Professor Dorothy Bennett discusses research into cell senescence and melanomas

In this podcast episode, Professor Dorothy Bennett discusses her research into cell senescence, melanomas and the related genetics.

Melanomas are an aggressive form of skin cancer that develops from moles. Professor Bennett and her colleagues have been investigating the genetics of melanomas and the markers that could help distinguish melanomas, and moles that are developing into melanomas, from healthy moles.

Cell senescence is a form of cell ageing that occurs in human body cells (amongst others). When they become senescent cells cease to divide. This is related to the phenomenon of overall ageing, and Professor Bennett’s research is looking in particular at the temporary reversal of some aspects of cell senescence to assist in wound healing in older people.

Professor Dorothy Bennett is based at St. George’s, University of London where she holds the post of Director of the Molecular and Clinical Sciences Institute. She also founded, and is the current President of, the International Cell Senescence Association, about which more information can be found here.

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